Good News Stories


It is since the bloody Beckham’s made it trendy. V good role model to name a girl babby after in fairness to them though.


This thread is about good news stories!!


Irish sports star names daughter after acclaimed female author & US civil rights icon…instead of a dead pop star, a piece of fruit, or a map coordinate.


That “good” enough for you? :wink:


Eh, named after who???


Harper Lee, author of Posh Spice’s favourite book as a child.

Or Skerries Harper, provider of Spice Bags to Dublin All Ireland winning Senior Footballers after their famous win in 2011.

You be the judge. :wink:


Should that be Skerries Harbour?


As his local club are Skerries Harps & Brian Bryan Cullen is his BFF, I’m gonna go out on a limb & say no.


Well fair play to ya. Ya spelled Brian correctly.


:joy:, remember him getting quite upset about that been spelt incorrectly on the old site around '11.


Not nearly as upset as the clubmate of yer man in the Bee Gees. Ya know…Himself that plays with the hurlers…young…eh…whatshisname… :roll_eyes:


What was that about?


How bizarre.


Sshhh…don’t mention the war. :shushing_face:


War? Which War? Theres been a lot of wars on here!


Let’s just say that if you ever have an opinion on how young Fiontainn/Fintan/Fiontan/Fiontán
McGib/MacGibb/MacGib/McGibb is getting on, keep it to yourself.


Ten four, over and out.


Bringing the youngfella to Croker for the first time tomorrow. Very much looking forward to it :sunglasses:


You should hang around , there is a game on later .



Should that not be in the Dublin Senior Footballers 2038 thread? :baby: :baby: