Good News Stories


Fingers crossed they all make it out safely


Great news. Hopefully all goes well with the rescue operation and they all get out ok.


5th boy now out :clap:


8 now. Heroic work.


How are they recovering the children ?

Ah right , i see now


Quarantine required first of all on case they have Cave Flu which is contagious and can be fatal if untreated.


Hope all these guys get formal recognition for a tremendously selfless effort in a life threatening situation. And the family of the deceased diver are looked after too.

In a world populated by Trump, Putin and various other nasties, it’s nice to still have real heroes! The Stranglers were wrong!



Popped into him a few years ago for physio , didn’t find him to be that great , maybe his confidence i felt was cockiness and dismissive as i had a small complaint, also all those pictures seemed to the great AK looked like O’Driscoll to Dj carey and indeed AK had the same hand writing.

however , from reading the article, fair play to him - some warrior to come back from all that and from the benefit night that’s planned - perhaps it looked like he wrote the comments and signed the photos of his clients but there were indeed his words.

hope hes back calling lads like me soft as shite very soon (hes right on that one thought !!)


Is the McCaffrey referred to in the article Jacks dad ?


No. That’s Noel, who is also a doctor.


On the physio side


Looks like all the boys and the coach are out!!!
Hopefully, all rescue personnel (some stayed with the boys for a few days) will emerge safely, also.


All 12 are out :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Good news. What the hell was the coach at though, he’s blessed they are all okay.


Galvin Klein me bollix. Now ressers don’t get to excited I doubt Bernos clothing range come in XXXXL. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:,4294878032.end?tab=2


Oh lord :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Kudos to all involved in Thailand - good to see the US might being used productively. I have no doubt that the despicable Trump will claim credit and manage to insult everyone in the process.


I have to say this story made me smile and renewed my faith in people!


Ah jaysus Bernard why???

Not too many skinny jeans people in these parts