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Did these involve cars ?


It’s not clear.


And I wasn’t been smart , just wondering .


I do a shit load of driving every day as I work in Meath and sometimes Cavan. I see lunatics on motorbikes. Very old people who should not be driving cars. Very shit drivers. Very slow drivers. Cyclists who break all of the rules of the road. Trucks on roads that are not able for them. Etc. Not a fcuking word from Shane Ross. But someone who has a glass of wine with their dinner is an evil ■■■■■■■, to be put off the road. I don’t do it but I think it is a smaller part of the problem than people think.


You’re just wrong

Alcohol is attributed to 38 percent of all road fatalities in Ireland. 38 percent.


9% were pedestrians and 29% were driving a car or a motorbike. I don’t argue that. However those stars were from 2008 to 2012. At that time, most fatalities occurred in the early hours over the weekend. The stats for last year indicate that most now occur between noon and 4pm. As I said, I do not doubt that alcohol is a factor but a much reduced one and there are other factors.


A much reduced factor? It’s caused a third of all road fatalities in the country over a 4 year period. You’re making an eejit out of yourself here.


I agreed with that. Then I said recent figures don’t support that now. The pattern is changing. Look them up for yourself.


31% in 2014. It might be lowering but still a significant issue. That doesn’t take into account life changing injuries which probably significantly outnumber fatalities


Sophie O’Sullivan won a silver as well :clap:


There is no comprehensive study anywhere near like the latest one from 2008 to 2012. That was only released in 2016. And that’s the study that they still reference today. There is nothing comprehensive to back up what you’re saying about it dropping.


Yes there is. Look up the website I referenced.


If you think that’s as comprehensive as the study over 4 years I give up. It’s a positive indicator but that’s about it. They still reference that study today.

And if 2017 has gone down it’s because of the measures brought in to reduce the drink driving limit. So further punishment will bring it down further and that’s only a good thing


If you don’t want to read the most recent stats, fair enough. Get off the soap box. I agree with most of what you are saying but there is more to it.


Me get off the soap box? You’re the one spouting the nonsense here. Nobody else






Brilliant piece.


Reports emerging that the first two boys have been rescued.
Meanwhile, RTE website’s main headline reads that the most opportune rescue time will be in the next 3-4 days time. This, 8 hours after the rescue has begun.