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I put it up on Twitter at the time actually, have far more followers these days, maybe time for a repost :wink::joy:


You should , its the least she deserves .


Am no fan of Clare Daly, but is it possible her own experience of being pulled over by the boys in blue - and it being leaked - could be colouring her decision making here? Someone in authority was abusing their power in making her (negative) breathalyzer test public. Perhaps she is coming at this from the angle of preventing more abuse of that power to orchestrate smear campaigns against political opponents. If she is, she is picking the wrong star to hitch her “Down with the Police State” wagon to imo, but I can kinda see where she is coming from.


We have always has a wink wink nudge nudge approach - it’s what we are. But this has changed in recent times - probably more rightly than wrongly. The days of getting things quashed are gone - so let’s move on now with acceptance that the law will apply. I know of a story regarding one of these whistleblower champions that is the definition of hypocrisy …


It’ll be alright, snagglepuss will gnaw her way through the prison bars, won’t even need a shredder to get rid of evidence.


First of all, if I am wrong about the previous limit, I accept that. If it was that low, then what was the point anyway? I am no expert as I don’t drink and drive. I still don’t see others as being morally bad for disagreeing. Those horrible Healy Rae pricks are complaining entirely out of self interest. Clare Daly, Wallace et al have nothong to gain by disagreeing. In relation to some other posters, I also think the personalised comments about her appearance are not fair.


IIRC it was that level to prevent people being stung the night after a couple or eating something cooked in a lot of alcohol that may leave a small trace. It has pretty much been you cannot drink at all for a few years. Just a quick question though. If a pint and a half has no impact on your ability to drive whatsoever in your opinion, why don’t you do it?


Because I rarely have a pint and a half! I leave the car at home. Full stop. I think all of this is much ado about nothing. Put the limit at zero and be done with it. In the general sense, Ross is looking for notice and getting it. If he was serious, he would bring in a speed limit of 30 mph for populated areas from midnight to 7am.


You think children being killed on our roads by scumbag drink drivers is much ado about nothing? Our road safety is an absolute disgrace as is our attitude towards drink driving, as you are displaying here. Ross is bang on getting tougher on drink driving. Hopefully one day we get to a stage where anyone found behind the wheel with alcohol in their system is given a mandatory prison sentence


Spot on. It happens in other countries & it has proven to be a far greater deterrent, than fines or penalty points. No one has to balls to bring it in here though, where all kinds of sob stories about being of good character, or being from a “respectable” family will get you off God knows what, or get the judge to go ridiculously easy on you at sentencing.


Is the speed limit not already 30mph in most populated areas?


It is. It’s 50km/hr in all built up areas. 30km/hr in the city centre.


A lot of estates and roads out of the city are becoming 30k zones as well


Yeah true.


I don’t think it is. It is in Dublin city. I am talking about across the board. Even for sober but crap drivers, 30 mph means their victim has a chance. 50mph plus is usually a fatality.


There’s not a built up area in the country where the speed limit is above 50km/hr or 30m/hr in old money. Every residential area has that speed limit. Speed limits in built up areas are not the problem with road deaths


The RSA statistics suggest that speed is a major factor- far more major than booze. I’m sure that will irk you but how and ever. As I said, I don’t drink and drive. At all.


Speed yes. I’m sure they mean some gobshite doing 120 around a bendy country lane or overdoing it on a dual carriageway. But you specifically said populated areas. You’re being disingenuous with that last post. Of course speed kills but the speed limits in built up populated areas reflect this.


That’s pleasing to hear. But you advocated for the law to be a pint and a half. That is drinking and driving. So if you’re anti drink driving what’s this pint and a half business all about?


No I did not. I said that I would not judge politicians who voted against the legislation as they feel it goes too far. Read my post again. The RSA statistics might interest you. I can find no mention of alcohol. Last year, most fatalities happened in the afternoon. Many were cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Are they all pissed?