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Voted against it

Daly and Wallace showing what an absolute arseholes they are


Did Daly give a reason?


Silence from her & pink mickey on twitter about drink driving…

A right pair of shytehawks


Did Lowry vote against it?


Indeed he did


The fuckin’ pox.


Clare fucking Daly not one bit surprised she voted against it. I have zero respect for that women. I emailed her a few years ago asking her to outline what she actually does to campaign for mental health services in Ireland because she seems to only give it lip service. Well the email I got back was nothing short of a disgrace, called me names and everything, very strange.


She actually replied ???
They do that ??


Herself, Wallace, Boyd Barrett, Coppinger, Murphy, Smith. All of them are shockers. Who is voting for these people? Coppinger whilst canvassing in my area told my wife she “had to vote for her cause the other candidates don’t care about women”. To say my wife ran her from the door is an understatement. She’s a disgrace.


Got a reply off all 5 TDs in my constituency, all very respectful, Clare Daly if I remember correctly said “you mustn’t be very smart because you clearly have no idea what a TD does”. Nah Clare, I have no idea what it is you do…


Not very clever on her part .


Was genuinely gobsmacked that a public rep responded to a constituent like that, must try and find the email again…


That’s what i was thinking , you could very easily put that email out there in the public domain .


To think she was Cabin Crew for Aer Lingus. Christ she’d probably have bitten your head off for asking for some water


Looks like she’d eat ya alive :neutral_face:


She may well have been the inspiration for Ryanair.


I would just like to point out that, notwithstanding Mick Wallace’s tax issues, independent TDs such as himself, Clare Daly and Catherine Murphy have done the state some significant service in relation to exposing NAMA corruption, being a voice for Garda whistle blowers, airing Denis O Brien’s practices etc. They have done far more than many in the Dail. There are many who believe Shane Ross is looking for notice with all of this. If anyone here has any evidence of someone crashing a car after one and a half drinks, put it up here now. While I personally agree that one should not drink and drive, I also understand that others believe this legislation goes too far. I don’t think that having that opinion makes them bad people.


Seriously? Are you actually serious?


Yes I am. If you read my post, you will see that I do not agree with drinking and driving and I don’t do it. However what has been acceptable up to now, is now becoming illegal. Last week you could drive after a pint and a half. After this, you cannot. Why was it okay last week? I would suggest that there is evidence to show that people do not crash cars after 1.5 drinks. That is my contention. It may not be PC but it is as it is.


Eh no you couldn’t. Less than a long neck bottle was the legal limit last week

Edit. Also. People crash their cars all the time when sober and you’re saying nobody crashes after a pint and a half. That’s the magic amount of alcohol to never have a crash is it?

Honestly just stop before you go any further