Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


I have a vague memory we got chatting to them outside after. :thinking:


Those Midnight at the Olympia gigs were brilliant, remember The Bhundu Boys playing an absolute stormer one night…


Another great one was the great Brendan Wade & Cry Before Dawn. Gravediggers on a Saturday night was dangerous. You’d never get a late one off Eugene so if there was a sniff of a good gig and you had the goo …


Seemed to be always the feckin’ Fleadh Cowboys every second week…


Ahh, Break For The Border. The prequel to Coppers and Flannery’s. If only Upthedall had been old enough back then…


And when it was nt the fleadh cowboys it was the wilf brothers. Mind you I saw Grant lee Buffalo and the Replacements play midnight gigs at the Olympia. The combination of pissed up dubliners and the Replacements made an interesting gig.


Prevention played there another night. They were a Robert Smith tribute band.


I’m jealous now…


Scurry for the frontier!


Australian Pink Floyd at MATO after going to see deftones play the SFX with a few cheap pints in the USI bar in between.

Ah, college days :grin::grinning:


Slightly long intro but a fantastic version in a beautiful setting with a laid back bunch of cool oldies for an audience…



Funniest ever.PIANO scene amazing.


Only movie on imdb to be rated out of 11 !



That’s brilliant, really like his style. Think he will go on to be a great.


If Trump had known about it, he’d have started building a wall sooner :rofl:



His work on ‘Be My Baby’ by the Ronettes is magnificent. Possibly the best ever drumming on a pop song.

RIP Thread

Amazing body of work.