Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Another recruit.




Only jokingbout glasnevin north by the way …more of a barony of castleknock lad myself😅


Don’t be trying to back track now.

We have the proof.

You’re one of The Chosen People.:+1:




Listening to a good bit of this fella the last few days and I think he’s very good.


Happy 68th bidet Mr Chris Rea.


Didn’t buy his first guitar until he was 22!


He let things slide a bit?


Take a day off will ya!


He’s taking over from Mark Knopfler in Dire Straits.


My post ‘disappeared’ … wow … mustn’t ask how poor Chris is ever again … or mention that one of his songs (and Bic!) are responsible for ten million burnt thumbs.


RIP Keith Flint.


This is a bit of quality from James blunt on twitter :
At the Q Awards years ago, when @NoelGallagher was saying he was leaving Ibiza because I’d moved there, and @DamonAlbarn refused to be in the same picture as me, and @PaulWellerHQ was saying he’d rather eat his own shit than work with me, Keith Flint came over, gave me a hug, and said how thrilled he was for my success.
Keith, I only met you once, but I shed a tear at the news of your death. In our business, there are no prizes for being kind, but if there was, that Grammy would be yours.


A brilliant track from the brilliant album, Juju. This was TOTP in its prime.


Reading about Keith Flint this morning, ■■■■ it anyway. 49 to young. Mark Hollis last week… Hope thats it for 2019.

Love Minefields, great track to run to.


Was only playing Nocture on the way into work yesterday morning


Always loved this guy’s voice…


Saw them in Midnight at the Olympia many moons ago. Locked (me) - great gig.


Likewise :slight_smile: