Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread



Speaking of Focus and the mention of Jethro Tull, for all of us slightly olderies, saw Tull in the National Stadium, one of the best venues I’ve ever been in.




All linked to my orig post.I believe and although not my total cup of tea…Jeff Lynne is probably one of the most respected and looked up to musicians alive.


Love this


These have some really nice tunes



Much prefer this version to the more famous Wet Wet Wet version. Nice to see Mike Mills on lead vocals too, with Michael Stipe chipping in with the ba-ba-ba-ba’s at the end of every line!


Mills was as underrated as John Paul Jones. Both the most important members of their respective groups imho :wink:


National Stadium 1973. SLADE… Fcuking deadly. Blew the doors off the kip.


Oh , and RG in the Carlton 1974. Never to be forgotton.


Did The Bay City Rollers play as well?


Yes they did! Also at the Stadium. Obviously we said ‘bye bye baby’ to that.
I detect a little disdain for for Slade? I was lucky enough to see them a few times. Always put on a great show. Noddy Holder has a great rock voice. As a 15 yr. old in '73 it was great to see great rock bands in Dublin… Rory Gallagher, Status Quo, Slade, Undertones. Jethro Tull, Thin Lizzy also at the Stadium 1975. I feel far more fortunate that today’s 15 yr old.


No disdain from me! Proper good glam rock from The Black Countroiii. Peaky Blinders would’ve approved.
I was too young to know much about the likes of the BCRs, Osmonds & Co, just the tv images of hair, fashion and scarves stuck in the depths of my head somewhere.
Anyone else on the Slade card, Sweet?

Edit: You saw some great acts! :grinning:


I’m still at it!! Every chance I get .Jack White, Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, John Prine, Drive by
Truckers so far this year.


I’d be interested to hear your hot take on that!
Neither agreeing nor disagreeing , intrigued!


I don’t think a modern day 15 year old would swap their Xbox and pornhub for Status Quo…

(And no… I haven’t tried :grinning:)


Both were by far the most musically talented in their respective groups and did an awful lot of the arranging of songs. Thus turning what would have been two excellent bands into two of the best we’ve ever seen.


Have to disagree… REM lost their way when Berry left imo which points to him being the most important.

Having said that, I know you’d argue with your own toenails so feel free to disagree :grinning:


His toenails are ■■■■■! Spot on! :slight_smile:


That’s because they are gobshites.