Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


for no particular reason


After seeing that new Derry Girls Season 2 clip and the backing music Urban Cookie Collective what a handbag track in the summer of '94 at the End in Phoenix Park. The singer done a bit of work with Moby.




Jeez. Imagine your Maths teacher being a Monkee.


It’s bananas!


Keep coming back to this, great live performance imo.


One of my favourite oldie NY tunes plus check out backing vocals from the lovely, talented, and sadly all too young demised Nicolette Larsson:


Okay dokey…get your ears around these 2 doozies.

While my guitar gently weeps …prince and co

Alive …pearl jam .live jools holland

Prince is up there with Ireland’s greatest guitarists…Rory g…Henry mc and
Gary m.


Hang on.

Prince was Irish?

Jayzus, he kept that quiet. :smiley:




A brilliant guitarist!


Saw Pearl Jam ( not a fan of them ) sans Eddie Vedder act as Neil Young s backing band at the rds in 95/96 maybe. Some gig it was .


The song was incredible. I loved the bones of it! No matter who I’ve heard sing it, I never dislike any version of it. Heck, when I took up the guitar first, it was one of the earliest tunes I (tried wilfully) taught myself. Love it. Like most Beatles numbers!


Don’t forget Philo and Noel Redding. :wink:

That version of While My Guitar rivals the one by Clapton at The Concert for George. I think the personal connection Clapton had just tips it for me.


See that and raise you Slane in 93, they were brilliant, Van Morrison was class, NY was NY, what a line-up! A mate gave the rest of us a lift in his (the only one of us with one) auto, he didn’t know a whole lot about rock music but had “heard of Neil Young”. Said he had passes to the “VIP Car Park”. Off we went feeling like the bees knees, all set for a special day (which it was of course).

VIP Car Park turns out to be one field past the rest of the car-park fields.
Only beer available outside the Castle venue grounds was warm Dutch Gold from a van. If we had gone to the town like nearly everyone else we would have found that out. Or brought our own…
Turns out our mate thought it was Neil Diamond, the look on his face when he realised who the main act actually was(n’t)! :rofl:


Speaking of which


Magnificent! Just magnificent!!!



Must brag so…was there in college green 15 /8 1992…Rory Gallagher…just thought I’d tell you all…that radiohead and Tom Petty best I have ever seen and i have seen some gigs!!