Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Microdisney in vicar st this Monday . Along with A House one of the greatest Irish bands.


Is it a one off gig or are Microdisney going to tour town to town??


Well that’s alright but you’re coming to the end of the line


Ennio Morricone tonight at de Point.

Giddy up !


Would love to see him - not sure if I could justify paying the price of a ticket, though.


Prices weren’t as bad as first expected. €48…€56 after booking fees. They’re nosebleed seats mind, but then you’re not going for the view, is you?

Sooooo excited.


That’s outstanding value, in fairness. I would have expected at least double that for the cheapest seats.


Cheap seats??? Wouldn’t have a clue mate.


So jealous! Saw him in kilmaimham and will have to be content with that!


Only booked today as wasn’t sure we could go until the last minute. Weird thing is, when we looked at availability last week, cudda sworn the prices were double that. Looked again this morning & that’s the price per ticket. Mind you, 2 seats are always auto selected on TicketBaxtard’s first search page, so you have to put in -1 to get the price per ticket.

I either forgot about that last week & presumed the €130 price shown, was the price per ticket, or they lowered the prices today, coz it’s the actual day of the show & they want a full house.

Either way, it’s a smashing deal.


Dublin and Cork boy . Final gigs ever again .



But good. Sort of.


Is that automatic two seats thing because you’ve saved some search from previous?


Nope. Came up automatically on both my phone & work PC.


That’s a pain, Ryanair-like practice that needs a slap-down


An absolute brilliant little pop song that did not have much chart success in the UK, but would get a regular run out on the Ken Bruce Show on Radio 2. The video also has the added bonus of two gorgeous babes (if you’ll forgive the Wayne’s World reference).

Incidentally, when I used to hear this first, and had never seen the video nor knew the artist, I used to think it was Annie Lennox singing. Close your eyes and listen and then tell me I’m great / a bo!!ox. *

*Delete as appropriate.


Finally got to see Bohemian Rhapsody today. Hugely enjoyable. They don’t make them like Freddy any more.


Would that music not be too loud for an oul lad like yourself ?




And it continues …