Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Richard Thompson down to play at The Cambridge Folk Festival this summer. Sky Arts Channel usually has highlights a week or so later.


Thanks Beeko. Wish I could see him live again


A classic from 1983 that always brings back memories of great times and great friends now gone.


Great track - always associate it with this for some reason


Great track.


I think that’s from Steve McQueen @DUB09 which was a brilliant album.


Oh me oh my have you seen the weather!


One of me favourite Erasure tracks.


Staying in that era


Always loved that tune. For some reason the sound reminds me of Cock Robin’s Promise You Made


An all-time great



By any chance did you experiment with class A’s? :grin:


Only at the weekends and never before mass


Ah sure look it (as they say on the Sunday Game)

We all did!


There was nothing else to do! :grin:


On my Spotify - and my 13 year old took it for his - and this too …


Another all-time classic! Live version on Jools about 3 years back is brilliant


This is now joining

in my favourite things on Youtube list


■■■■ me Tonya Harding looks she hangs out in O’Connell Street. Are they doing air guitar? And they even got Milli Vanilli to make a comeback. Haven’t laughed this hard at cringeworthy shit since the office.