Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Some real legends here.
Lovely harmonies from Dolores, Mary and Emmylou.


I’ll see your great revival tune and raise you… (can’t find the version with Richard, Mary and Dolores Keane)…


If yis ever get a chance to see RThompson live do it, amazing guitarist, great singer


There’s a great live version on YouTube with Bonnie Rait singing and Richard Thompson playing the guitar and backing singing.


Yep that’s brilliant too. There was just something extra magic about Dolores K singing with RT. Could’ve left MB off!



Fortunate to have seen him many times over the years. He was at the Variety in Atlanta in early December with the Electric Band. Blew the doors off the place. Saw him at the same venue about five years ago with Loudon Wainwright. Brilliant show. He’s one of the greatest. Six fingers on each hand I reckon.


Great to hear he still has it!



New stuff is very good.


Very pleasantly surprised, should be great gigs.



Seoirse Micheal singing away in the background.


I’ve forgotten how brilliant a voice Annie had. Thanks for sharing GIC.


That’s brilliant.

Bowie still singing away while having a smoke,

George in the background.

Music is in a poorer place without them.


I constantly think of that. Modern music (ala SpinFM) I have thought is awful. I heard lady GaGa songs and switched off in the past, it’s not my cuppa and I automatically switch off. Then I actually hear her sing in the movie and by Jeysus she is a fabulous singer.

There is talent there in modern music, lots of it, but in the increasing noise, it gets harder to hear! If that makes sense?

Jeez, I am an old fart!


Don’t think it’s being old,

just appreciating good singers/songwriters.

You look at that video, not many around now who are comparable.


Most of it is formulaic imo. Pop music in the 80s had a bit of wit about it . But you are right you are an old fart , and so am I . It’s pop music job to make you feel old and it’s appeal is to the younger crowd not us heading towards the big 50. The line up for longitude for eg not 1 artist was I familiar with.


[quote=“Wasonthehill83, post:1832, topic:286, full:true”]
It’s pop music job to make you feel old and it’s appeal is to the younger crowd not us heading towards the big 50. [/quote]

You young kids annoy the bollocks out of me :laughing:


I love Annie Lennox, no need to say anything about Bowie, and it’s one of my all-time favourite pop songs. But when you look at the video of the performance live, also on Youtube, I just don’t think Annie nailed it, and I don’t think they quite worked together.

Impossible thing to cover, impossible act to follow, and a really top effort. Bowie sings a deep register, Freddie sang a quite high register, Annie also sings a fairly deep register. There probably wasn’t anyone else who could get close to what Freddie could do but I’d love to have heard someone go higher rather than lower to complement the Bowie part.