Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Christ that’s annoying, and disappointing, I was hoping it was a new song by Rhumer.


Ah I’m sure you’ll get over it in time.


Meant the video. The song is grand.



We used to make up our own FEAR lyrics…
Fried Eggs and Rashers
Fat Elvis amongst Russians
Flying Emus are rowdy
Oh how the hours flew by…


Steve Earle’s new album ‘Wanna be an Outlaw’ is a good return to form


Love the Earlester




Not all ridnicks are bad.


The Mountain and Jerusalem are great albums. Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell are at that level or possibly even a touch above lately. Jayo’s fiddling wife (!) puts him slightly ahead for me…



A song for all GPS-flicking fans: (from the album, The Forgotten Arm)


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon?

A small bit of different than his previous stuff.


Not sure if I like it or not! Very odd tune, I love some parts and there’s others I’m like WTF!!! Will give it a few more spins!




New Morrissey stuff sounds excellent, as played on the BBC 6 Live thing.


He was very good on Jools Holland last night which will be shown on Friday.

Also The National are on it too, there new album is excellent.


Morrisey has made some strange comments down the years that make him sound a bit like a modern day Alf Garnett but I think he just likes to cause controversy. I’m not a fan of his music but I read his autobiography and it was interesting and funny. (and very long!) He is a genuinely bizarre character but I think he has real integrity in his work for animal rights. You won’t get a burger at his concerts!


Definitely has come out with some weird stuff that you wouldn’t expect from him, for instance he seems to hold a candle for UKip (which he referred to in the BBC broadcast). Perhaps he’s just getting old.


His new album is supposed to be some of his best tunes in a long time.