Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


The Witch’s Promise featured on BBC4 the other night - Prog at the BBC


I know that one well @DUB09 . One of THE great all time TOTP performances.


Looking forward to Malahide Castle, are ye going?


Is it the real band or the tribute band, Prevention?


Jethro Tull sound almost better now than back then, absolutely classic folkey-psychedelic rock, epic songs, great talent and amazing lead performer. Piper At The Gates of Dawn should’ve been written as a tribute to Ian Anderson!



No, didn’t get tickets unfortunately.


One of my favourite videos from the 80’s filed under weird as ■■■■ (when your video budget is ■■■■ all)


Ha! Just saw the official video, never saw that before, mad stuff! Budget effort but lots of extras. Used to play football way back in the day with a guy called Hanz, whenever there were pints after the games we had him tormented with that tune, “everybody look at your Hanz!”


I always thought ‘you can leave your friend’s behind’ was a bit risqué …


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I never did but I do now :rofl:


As usual, the fun police have removed the puns.


What a load of bollocks!


Never mind.


Great album!


The fun police are pretty vicious about this kinda stuff.


Yes, a pain in the backSIDe


Bloody rotten so it is.


It’s a vicious circle.


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