Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Brilliant version of a brilliant song.


Good call RTF … what ever became of that Stewart lad


Seen them every time they’ve played here, they just keep getter better with age, Their last few albums have been fantastic.


The 3 arena has a good sound acoustic set up and you’re complaining? I think you’re missing the point!


Annie Lennox innit?


That brings back memories.


An underrated classic.


Forgotten about them , great tune.


Love this music, nice chillout while working, am a huge fan of his design work swell.


I know they played Dublin last year but I’d have thought another Dublin concert would be on the list for a 40th Anniversary tour? Or was last year the start of THAT tour?


I think two concerts that close together might be one step beyond.


The best single of 1993 from the best album of 1993. Outstanding.


And now for something completely different (and uplifting)…


Love Creedence!

As did the dude!


Definitely on something dude-ish when he wrote that ditty.


The Auteurs - New Wave for me :slight_smile:


John Fogarty, one of the greats. The man who Stopped The Rain!



Easy Harry (:stuck_out_tongue:) - bear in mind you had not just Suede, but Shara Nelson’s wonderful debut, What Silence Knows, as well as Weller’s masterpiece, Wild Wood.


Back in the 1980s I used to buy a lot of old singles, by post, from a company called ‘Oldies Unlimited’, based in Telford in England.

Some of the old hits were reissued on a record label called Old Gold, and quite often you’d find two classic hits from one artist on either side of one single.

Jethro Tull was one example, as the vinyl single had Living In The Past on one side and The Witch’s Promise on the other - two clinking tracks. I gave up my copy up to our local Innkeeper to get inserted in the Wurlitzer and then happily paid for the privilege of hearing my own record on a Saturday night in the Plough Bar in Armagh City whilst supping pints and playing pool - wonderful memories - and of course Ian Anderson was a genius!