Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread






Creepy video :neutral_face:


It is. Have seen a few people using the ventriloquist trope recently.

The album is a grower, well worth a few listens.


This was a great single from a few years ago. They did a brilliant live version, including one on Jools Holland which unfortunately no longer seems to be available on youtube.





I don’t know why, but I like this! (perhaps 25 beers at a football fanzone in Deutschland helped…)


This will be marmite I’d say but I like it :slight_smile:


That’s excellent! Nice typography on the cover slide!


Bloke who did some of the vocals for the film


Excuse the pun but Just can’t get enough of watching this tonight… A band at the height of their powers.


No need to get personal. Jesus.


Brilliant stuff.


Even if their music may not be your cup of tea I would recommend seeing them live if they visit us again. Outstanding live band. Seen them many times now.
The sound in the Point or O2 or whatever its called now supposedly is hard to get right but DM always seem to nail it.


I went to the modern Point Depot twice and thought the sound and set-up way better than anything in the past.


Back in the day I have been told sound was an issue but maybe not so much now a days.
A lot of it supposedly was down to poor setup & soundchecks by the bands playing.