Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


I know 2 lads in the band and they are sound lads (even though they are from Shellbeville) and I think they will do very well for themselves.


So they’re NOT in the band?


Good stuff fair and play to them.


:thinking: :grin:


I’d forgotten how much of a burnt out husk Shane McGowan is .


Phenomenal lyricist.

In a heap though.






Now that’s a classic


Got a best of Hendrix album when I was about 17 just learning the guitar , loved that, and this


I was amazed to find out that an Irish guy, Noel Redding played with the JHE. There’s a pub in the middle of nowhere in West Cork that is like a shrine to Noel.


I think he just settled there, cool fact though !


Robby Kriger seriously underrated guitarist , he could write some licks !


I randomly ended up in that pub about twenty years ago, that’s how I first heard the story.




Complex but good man … great track.


Living a married, heterosexual life now, apparently.
“War, Baby” was a great song.


Both this version (by the daughter of the original composer), and the story of this song and it’s composer really struck me. I remember it as just another bland, and extremely short, 70s pop song (best known for the version by Anne Murray) that only stood out to me at all because of the gorgeous vocal outro, (which very briefly showcased Anne Murray’s lovely voice at the time):


Loving that, Al. You can’t beat an acoustic slide accompanying a beautiful song.