Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


It definitely falls into the category of alot of good tunes intertwined with a lot of self indulgent songs . Due to it been a double ablum , I reckon they were like , ■■■■ it , we’ll have a go and include what we feel might work . Most of those you mentioned are almost like , well I want my song on the album . They wouldn’t have made it onto a single album.Thats not to say they arent good . But they were all very competitive song writers and egos were stratospheric at this stage . It truelly is a remarkable album .I always thought it was when the Beatles went “dark” .
In the space of 3 years , they went from writing Help to The White Album. That is some shift in song writing . And sure you had Abbey Road & Let It Be which were just torture for them but had lots of amazing output . I’m not sure we’ll see the likes of it again .


Won’t be anything people our age will recognise if it does!
Best book I ever read about Beatles was Revolution in The Head, puts every song they released in context, fascinating stuff


Had this year’s ago but don’t know where it is now
“Documents the entire career of the Beatles, from their early days together, through their rise to success, to their pursuit of separate paths.”


Thursday morning and I’ll have some of this

and this

and a wee bit of this…

and please please please let me get a bit of this… :grin::grin::grin:


Steadily making my way through both FGTH albums tonight on a re-visit of my teens.
Tomorrow night its going to be a The The marathon. *Edit that am starting on the Infected album now.


On the theme of could be interpreted as very disturbing lyrics/song, James Blunt, You’re Beautiful. And The Carpenters, Superstar. Obsessional, fantasy, neurotic, desperately needy, and borderline expressions of stalking.


Out for a Chinese last night. I ordered from the specials board, I had too much foo yung.



Saw that earlier. About f*****g time. Best (ballad) singer of all time.


I had a soft spot for this band in the 90’s. We used to lash this on the CD when living in South Boston. Would drive the Vietnamese couple mental living below us.


Big fan myself!


Fair play!


Something to ponder upon while you listen to your Yuletide favourites…


[quote=“JJF, post:1715, topic:286, full:true”]
I had a soft spot for this band in the 90’s. [/quote]

Never heard of them before, sounds ok. I bet that singer has listened to a bit of Kirsty MacColl sounds very like her.


Sarah Blackwood… a fine looking lady.


I likes the chill out shit on the bus to Mordor


Always liked William Orbit. Produces great soundscapes. Done good stuff on these tracks.


I really thought Finley was going to be a superstar…
I even bought a duffle like his, cost me a fortune in dry cleaning :slight_smile:


I’d say Finley could do with that coat because he has zero assets. I guess music industry is as fical as Laois supporters.


I dunno, this is a real catchy track, that poxy eir ad is on every 5 minutes so I had to check it out… tis not bad tayto.