Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Believe when I say I want it that way


many a time trying to impress the wimmin dancing to this in the local no names.


liking this tune - dublin band


Just listening to the 50th Anniversay Super Dulux Edition of The White Album

Top quality


Nobody does white better than Dulux to be fair


For the day that’s in it; a personal favourite and in my all time top three Christmas tunes.


Perfect :joy:


Doggone it, that’s a paintful pun


i think I’ve played that Sour Milk Sea tune a thousand times this week…


Just downloaded it last night, have to put it on the phone . But looking forward to the stereo versions . Something just never felt right the way they originally mixed it . I think it was in mono .
And I adore these acoustic versions .
They could have made one great album out of the two discs . There’s lot of pretentious filler stuff on it . But sure , it was the 60s and experimental times . And , it’s The Beatles , they could write anything & people would find it amazing . I must do up a playlist of the two discs combined .


Just listened to that now , it’s very good !
I presume George did the soloing on that?
What a guitarist , he really show cased his talents from the white album on .


I think Clapton plays on it too…


Getting my Orbital fix at the moment. Awesome duo. Would love them to play indoor at the Point or the like.


Wasn’t referring to Weeps if that’s what your getting at :wink:


I like this. A lot.


Clapton plays on the other version, that’s where I’d associated him with it :+1:


Ah very good , I look forward to giving it a thorough listen :metal:



This is brilliant stuff , the demos are superb .
The vocals are very crisp now with the stereo mix .Some of the classics could have had a very different arrangement, Let It Be sounds very different to the final take . Anyway, here’s my track list for a single White Album

  • Back in the U.S.S.R.
  • Dear Prudence
  • Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Happiness is a Warm Gun
  • I’m so tired
  • Blackbird
  • Sexy Sadie
  • Helter Skelter
  • Revolution I
  • Savoy Truffle
  • Cry Baby Cry

As far as I know Lady Madonna & Hey Jude were released in '68 before the White Album but they would have been massive songs on that album.Just shows their creative strength that chose to release them before the album instead of holding out .


I’d have Good Night, Mother Nature’s Son, Long, Long, Long, Rocky Raccoon, Why Don’t We Do It, Martha My Dear, Birthday, and possibly Bungalow Bill on a par with Savoy Truffle, Happiness, and Ob-La-Di. It’s not really an album I could pick 12 or even 8 standout tunes from.

My standouts are:
Prudence, While My Guitar, Sexy Sadie, Cry Baby Cry, Blackbird, and then USSR, Long, Long, Long and Good Night as the next three but barely anything between those three and several others.