Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


He joined Johnny Marr on stage the other night…


Loved the the!


Didn’t realise you had a stutter


Anyone listening to Nova this morning? Colm and Lucy has the lads from picture house in. They played sunburst and a cover of another song… I just can’t remember which song it was!!! Help me, my mind is melting!!!

PS. Tried their player, the show isn’t up yet!


Tweet them.


I don’t think Help Me, My Mind is Melting is theirs


A fine piece by Morricone.


Or as Bertie Ahern (Gift Grub mode) would say, De De.


It’s up on their player today. Thank God!!! Was driven demented.

It’s “since you’ve been gone” by Rainbow.

Loved that song years ago, hadn’t heard it in ages, but couldn’t for the life of me remember what the song was. Anyway, my family hate it now as I’ve been belting it out at home on the acoustic!




I think she has now matured into a really great jazzy-soul loungey-blues artist and performer. This ensemble and the sound and atmosphere of this venue really suit. Her two most well-known hits are right at the end and I love these live versions in her current style. This a bathing in wine with thoughts of love and sadness sort of music. And now that she no longer has the stunning beauty of her earlier career, I think the music really goes with the persona.
Also very worth digging out the available bits of the video of the concert, the expressions of the two instrumentalists, and the subtle interactions between them and her are a strong part of the whole thing. All round class.



Lots of talk about A Star Is Born currently/recently, and though I haven’t seen the film I really like the soundtrack. Which brought me back to this tune from the previous incarnation of the story, great vocal.



Jesus Dub. You okay? It’s good to talk!


I never want to hear you say …


Jaysus, tell me why?? :scream:


Great pop song - simple as!


I was just quoting the lyrics man. But you know, I want it that way.