Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


A lot of people would agree with you. He had a stroke?


So I heard, very sad, similar to Edwyn Collins in a way.


Love this new video…


That is brilliant . Lots of gems on the White Album. Must give it a listen again .


I like it

But then, I would :slight_smile:


Nice cover . Video with loads of pictures of himself plastered in the back ground . His ego is as big as Everest :joy:


Just reading about that anniversary release of the White Album . They are releasing a blu ray version of the album.Never heard of music been released that way . Wonder are there stand alone blu ray music players or do you just throw the disc into your blu ray player like a film.
The quality is probably brilliant .


Johnny marr was in Athy for a plaque unveiling honouring his family roots. Smiths more Irish than u2 if you use parentage rule.


And better as well!


It should be easy to hate him but it’s difficult not to like him.


I know another plague from Athy …



Good call Harold. This is a personal favourite.


Beautiful rendition of a favourite song by a young lady with a famous Grandad. Lovely Derry lilt throughout.


Very lovely. Possibly my favourite ballad, after Auld Triangle and Rare Auld Times and Raglan Rd of course. And Arthur McBride as done by Paul Brady. But this version pushes it near to the top…




Love the original ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ from the film soundtrack…

…“You see that’s what Bill Carson told me. It’s in the grave marked ‘Unknown’, beside Arch Stanton”.


Hadn’t heard Metallicas version before . Reading about Morricone brought me to it as they play it to open their gigs apparently.


They do. I only know that myself because I put a video clip of the scene on Facebook, and a mate, who was a Metallica fan, had a :astonished: moment when he listened to it and realized the connection.