Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


From Altan’s most recent album, possibly best tune I’ve heard from them. Saw them do it live at The Axis in da Mun, stunning.


In the week that’s in it, here’s one for Daller. Great tune, fantastic vocal, almost too much really.


I worked with her sister many moons ago - lovely girl as Ted and Dougal might say. Omagh’s finest.


One Brian Kennedy on backing vocals, dontcha know.


Be Here Now - 20 years young yesterday.

It wasn’t that bad really.


missed that. thought radiohead’s set was something else - haven’t listened to them in ages (got too slow and melodic for me).


Lots of decent tunes on it but I can’t say I was impressed with the opening single .


I would put D’You Know What I Mean? as one of the better songs on the album


Yeah ? It just didn’t appeal to me & was underwhelmed by it .I might actually go & give the album a listen back .


This one always makes me smile , the moves on the backing singers - think I’ve seen them copied in Croker , not mentioning any teams,…


Did you pick your name from an Oasis song? Definitely? Maybe?


Anytime Gladys or her backing band are mentioned it reminds me of one of the greatest cartoons I have ever seen - courtesy of Viz! Thankfully it came up on google!



Some might say



Roll with it


I like this one too.00d52f83a74b358451127aec2b702167--music-humor-music-jokes


Another cracker …





The Booby Bros! :laughing:


Love the song, hate the video…

Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Rumer


A Godley & Creme video stuck on one frame?