Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


I know this is the good music thread ( there is nt a bad music one is there ? ) but west life are playing Croker next year . Also picture this 5 nights in the 3 arena . From Dublin, never heard of them.


A Blondie tribute band?


My favourite Bond tunes in this order


I might have posted this before, but Kate St. John was a cracking looking girl back in the day. Had a serious thing for her…


A song about Daller apparently …


There’s a dentist in Bermingham …



Catch yourself on, @JJF - a selection of three bond tunes and you don’t pick out the greatest of them all!?!?



I wonder did they spend the day in bed.


One mans Timothy Dalton is another mans Roger Moore. Good tune chief! But Live and Let Die, best bond tune, best bond, best bond movie, best best bond Girl! :sunglasses:


You should be given a slap for that attempt


Whilst Live Twice is a lava-ly tune I’m sure, Live and Let Die knocks em all oot the water.


20 seconds of Live and Let Die knocks em all oot the water. Most of it is pretty vanilla.


Haven’t heard that bit, is it like Pretty Flamingo?


A slap and a boot.




Van Morrison … more fcuking Meldrew syndrome …


Tom Dunne playing some epic live Bowie tracks on the wireless tonight.

Still so hard to believe he’s dead.