Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread




For the day that’s in it


I was in a Robert Smith tribute band called Prevention once. Some said we were better than The Cure.


Joke thief!


That’s a crime, Prevention!


I like this track. Video is great.


Like to listen to this of the B sides.


What a talent Cornell was .


Voted Luxembourg’s all-time favourite song. In the French Quartier anyway.


Soundtrack to new A Star is Born musical sounds great on first listen.
And I didn’t realise Lady G had done such a decent version of La Vie En Rose:


is the film a re-hash of “Once”?


I hope not, can’t stand that.


I only asked as I saw a brief interview with Bradley Cooper yesterday, one or two excerpts from the film and it was looking somewhat familiar.


The reviews of it are all very good. GaGa is an early favourite for the Best Actress Oxter.


The original was a fairly simple story of fame and lurve etc so I presume it doesn’t stray far. Once was a similar basis I suppose but nothing of the grandeur, scale, and inspiration, IMO. I found Once very downbeat, low-key, a bit miserable and wishy washy. When the story is that simple I think it needs the grand treatment.

That said, I’ll be first one in the door of the cinema to see low-key, downbeat, miserable On Chesil Beach!! Not quite such a simple story though…


And now for something different…


Always seemed a troubled soul, died too young…


Great tunes, amazing look.


Have to say I love him on The Chase