Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Fair enough, nicely done! Had a bit of a crush on Tanita back in the day. Joy Division were a force of nature. For me I think “When the Music’s Over” pushes The End, Riders on the Storm, and LA Woman for best epic Doors tune.

Meanwhile it’s time for the 70s, and did somebody recently mention Da Funk?


For the day that’s in it:


The group that brought the 60s, 70s, and 80s together into the 90s:


And what was magic about them back when they broke the charts:


Absolutely love this track.

Very well done.



Saw Moby in the Point a long long long time ago and was in his tea shop in NY in 2002!!


Yeah a massive fan of the lad. Him and Diane Charlamagne done some great stuff together. Still think that album is fresh, the B sides are always great as well.


A couple of golden oldies.





Saw him in the SFX in the mid-90s, brilliant night.




Their recent gig (Tuesday) in the Point was awesome, new stuff sounded really good.


I think it’s their best work to date.
(I realise that I could fill a phonebox with people who think the same)


I doubt you’d fill it.


Sure I’d almost fill it on my own at this stage.