Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


The thing that I love about that song is it reminds me of how smug he was about his beautiful wife every time he appeared on tv/radio, turns out he used to drop the babysitter home :wink: :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


Was a rascal alright :grin:


“There’s nobody heeeere, just you and meeee…and Bs makes three.”


I still can’t get over the fact that such terrible bland drivel of a song became his biggest hit. The incomparable magnificence of this blows it out of the water.

Mark Cagney used to do his nut when it sometimes snuck in to win the listener poll for the song to end the Thursday Night Train with. Didn’t have quite the same DJ street cred as Ella Fitzgerald & Leonard Cohen. :rofl:


Wasn’t he boning the babysitter while the Mrs was recovering from life-threatening injuries suffered in a fall from a horse?

Some of his early songs were brilliantly written and performed, in my opinion - agree with @ProudDub on that.


Now this!!


So it’s red eh …


Stewart Copeland on hi-hat is the most 80’s thing ever…


80s … huh … here’s some 70s funk …


NIle Rodgers just has to be the coolest Disco Stu ever,


Great tune

It’s as much funk as Anarchy in the UK is though :grinning:


Vince Clarke so underrated. Happy stateside with his 50 odd synths making sounds. Think the guy is brilliant.


A track thats easy on the ear. Always a sucker for video montages of bits and bobs.



Courtney is brilliant, saw her live recently.

I feel like a bit of Tex Mex, well, only possibly the coolest ever Tex Mex tune!


Seeing as we’re in the 60s 'n all…



Ah he-ere, leave irrou’, stop ruining me 60s buzz for a few minutes.
Could only follow the last one with this one, the tune that first really got me into The Doors, and the first album I ever got given to me as a present. Don’t care what fuelled this stuff, whatever it was, some timeless brilliance came out of it:


And just to bring it to a soft landing:


and their best track imo