Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Love the slide guitar in this.
Lead singer has a great voice also.


Lankum are very good imo.




The new Christine & the Queens album is suepoib!


Good call Harry. I actually had this track on a playlist. Been listening to it a lot along with London grammar.

PS. Love the video.


Liking these tracks




Great tune.


A cracking tune, from two troubled geniuses


I love me random playlists on Youtube. Especially when this lady pops up. She’s simply magic.


Every teenaged boy on the planet wanted to be her Heathcliff and many probably still do!


I was downloading some random greatest 80s songs album & forgot to delete this .
Now its first song i play each time . I can’t get the ■■■■■■■ out if my head :frowning:


Anyone like these? The Slow Readers Club


Love Kate Bush have a load of her albums


I’ll come back to you when I finish the sentence …


Slow Readers Club not Slow Writers Club :grin:


Wash your music playlist out with Vim!!


Its growing on me each day . I’ve a soft spot for a good vocal :laughing:


It’s a maudlin dirge. He must’ve been on a diet of green tea and those awful, wholemeal, dark brown crackers that health-food hippies used to eat in the 70s and 80s.