Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


The music will last but the All Ireland’s will dry up at some stage!


As cool as it gets.


Saw them at Rock Werchter in Belgium. Great live.


This is a brilliant book if you haven’t picked it up yet…


This is a good listen if you have Spotify, you can spot a lot of the influences -



You been pushing this version for a while. Are you in for a royalty share if it gets played? . The story was Holly Johnson’s vocals were the band s only contribution to the album and Trevor Horn studio wizardry did the rest cause their musicianship was shite. Yet we are led to believe this is the same band ripping it up on stage soon after like seasoned pros. Odd stuff altogether.


I used to really like the song “krisco kisses” on that album til I realised it was about anal fisting*

*. In before Rochey says “and then ya LOVED it”


Groove is in the heart lads.


For those like decent lyrics, especially in a song where you don’t expect them…

“When I’m drinking my Bonaparte Shandy
Eating more than enough apple pies
Will I glance at my screen
And see real human beings
Starve to death right in front of my eyes”


I like this version…


God no!


“The language of the oppressor, the English language of the Queen” :joy: :v:

Good Man John…


About time RTE established such an event. BBC Radio 2 has been honouring the likes of The Dubliners and Christy Moore for years, now.


Metallica expected to be confirmed for Slane 2019!


Metallica being rumoured for Slane next year


Jaysus as if Meath doesn’t have enough deadheads as it is.




The Dutch Deep Purple…

Speaking of: