Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Will you be posting any links?


Very good.



Cracking tune that. They had Big Country play backing on that. Late Date is a really good show. But Cathal is no Maxi. Her red eye show in the mornings was class too.


From Deadpool 2



Skip to 2.12,amazing




Does anyone know the name of the tune that they play in Croker just before the teams come out? It’s stuck in my head since the weekend. It’s an Irish jingle (of sorts) which gets very tense in points to mimic the tension waiting for the teams to appear. I presume it’s something the GAA had composed for them.


The trumpet tune ?


No it’s a song all in itself. They play it over and over again during the ten minutes before the teams come out.


Remember Robin of Sherwood of the 80’s I forgot how good thst soundtrack was and how good Clannad where. The track ‘battles’ is brilliant. Would love an extended version of it


Great soundtrack.


Im likeing this track. I love that girls voice.


I’m sure this has already been posted, and I’m reluctant to give any more fuel to the World Doomsday Soothsayers here, that might push them over the edge but last week I got to listen to the whole of Fr John Misty’s album from last year, Comedy. I think it’s a great piece of work with two or three epic tracks, for me Leaving LA is the pick(and longest).

** Parental Advisory: Contains material likely to result in a fresh outbreak of -
We’re aaall dooooooomed!!! :fearful:


The new Anna Calvi album is superb


Long long time since I heard these guys, ah the memories!..


After the four in a row, so happy to be alive for this. Traditions are so important. We have to be aware of what we have because it won’t last for ever:


It will. We won’t.