Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Brilliant sound track. You should be dancing is still fresh. Disco stu approves.


As fresh today as it was 40+ years ago. Plot may be a bit corny but the soundtrack and dancing were and still are iconic. Bee Gees will never age and Travolta’s portrayal of the disco scene - sensational. A white guy dancing to soul music … huh.


Brilliant film. Brilliant soundtrack. Yvonne elliman. Would give a enuch a horn. If I die at 80 and I have memories of my parents, I’ll think of Saturday night fever. My mam and dad loved it and they played it on vinyl in the 70’s constantly.


The Seed is one of my favourite early 90s tracks. Or was it late 80s?


I’d guess late 80s but as my missus would tell you I’m crap on dates. Saw CBD at Midnight at Olympia around that time - great gig.


Featuring Davey Spillane on Uilean Pipes.


Its just a movie/soundtrack/movement that defined a generation. Followed immediately by punk!!! Each had their own importance.



Misheard song lyrics… “Bald-headed woman”.


They did. Pure freedom of expression in both if ya ask me. Disco dancing just looked the bomb. I was only a kid when both kicked off. My first real sense of music and what it meant was late 80’s.


Extraodinarily popular in Kildare for a while. Til they found out the song wasn’t called If I Can’t Have Ewe.
Btw, Carlito’s Way, great 70s soundtrack.


CBD on Midnight at The Olympia was '90 or '91… The one I was at, at least.


Jesus dub09 get the ■■■■ outta my Head. 96. I can’t get no sleep. First time I heard that song I was blown away.


Very possibly. By any chance did some guy up in the Gods puke on you?


Me too - the whole Trainspotting CD (posh!) was mind blowing. Born Slippy, Iggy, Lou … awesome.

Bet you love this too …


I was the puker, not the pukee.


70s had some amazing Prog Rock stuff. I was mad into ELP, especially after the Toronto/Montreal Olympics.


Get (Mont)Real, @25AliveOh.


That was a grizzly error, I can’t bear it when I mix up my metropolises.



Greg Lake was an interesting character alright. I Believe in Father Christmas does not tie in with yours above or King Crimson!