Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Ahh nooo, noooo. Common People is a great tune.


No Parlez was a great album. Come back and stay was another great single.


Keep yer knickers on their al… No problems with his music, I’m a fan but a bigger fan of super girl. Now breath…


Didn’t even hear about the gig till it was sold out. Defo would have went. I have “we hate you South African Bastards” Strangely I didn’t really know Fatima’s music as I was into most Irish bands at that time & was always at gigs


Peaked at number 20 in the UK charts in February 1984. Classic.

This was a one hit wonder, but the band reinvented themselves and came back in 1987 as a one hit wonder under a new name - any thoughts @DUB09.


I have No Memory of that … but it was very Tory Amos like ??


Had to google them and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable regarding music. Never heard of them or the follow up act. Pretty obscure act now. I think the 80s music wise , is only reaching norn iron now. Watch out for the New Romantics Rufus don t copy their hairstyle it won t suit you.


You mean, the Rollers won’t go on for ever!! :cry:


I know they’re from Cork but I love this tune.


Great album and documentary too.


Another burnt out husk , like Morrissey.
Still love The Cure though .


40 years?

The Cure are around for 40 years?

Christ, I feel old ! :anguished:


I was in a tribute band to them called ‘prevention’

Some said we were better than them.


Classic track from a classic year - 1978 again.


John Prine - new album out, The Tree of Forgiveness. It’s really good. He lives in Ireland for part of each year I think


Think I really like this …


Ah , that’s excellent :grin:, bought a couple of their singles when they broke big . Liked that song .


New Johnny Marr album is class


Everything Johnny Marr does is class.

Just a shame he had that dopey fcuk with the gladioli hanging onto his coat tails for so long.

…ducks and runs…


If he changes the spelling of his name to Maher…