Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Beeko check out Julia Deans sometime, great voice.





Another from my all time top ten. The video features the gorgeous Martha Ladly, the cool Alan Rankine and the incomparable Billy Mackenzie. Reached number nine in the UK Charts in late March 1982. It does not get much better than this.


Faron Young by Prefab Sprout. Great track from a great album. Brings back great memories of the student slums in Belfast in the mid eighties.



Interesting fact , Mike Nesbitts mother invented Liquid Paper ( early form of tippex )

Have you watched Head ?


Yeah, it’s a good post pub movie

Slade in Flame is another.


May have posted this before.


Watching top of the pops from 1977 on bbc4 and on came the boomtown rats singing looking after No 1, and sitting proudly on the drummers head is one of the old crepe paper hats with ‘up Dublin’ on the cardboard peak of it. Class!!


Just tuned into TotP there on BBC4 …

Exodus … Bob Marley RIP
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Freddy Mercury RIP
Angelo - BOM ugh
Dancing in the Moonlight - Phil Lynott RIP
No More Heroes - Stranglers
I can boogie - Baccara … oh I would
Looking after Number One - a very young Geldof
Heroes - Bowie RIP
Wachting the Detectives - geeky Elvis C

And after that nostalgia I need a few pints …


Caught Crocodile Dundee on today & this was playing during the party scene

Feel good tune



Microdisney: pretty much most of their stuff was good


Good call, I’d forgotten about them. The things ya never knew…


When the daily parade of the troubles you made gets you down, Just consider the fate of the wide open space from town to town …


Had a Paul Young half hour this evening. Great voice, some decent songs, but some really shit ones too!



Wherever I lay my hat … that’s class


Best thing Paul young ever did was Helen Slater. And for that he is a hero. Plus he had the best 80.
's hair do a lad could ever hope for.


They played the nch last night , first gig in 28!years or so. It sold out quickly, raging I did nt get a ticket. Great band , “we hate you South African bastards” one the marketing men would nt allow now. Fatima mansions were a great band too.