Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


You are seeing the first word in this thread … yeah?


Jesus how’d I miss that? I’ll go start a Great Music Thread for my EP so!!


Throw it up!



Well done something_witty! Congratulations on the album.


Listening to John Andrews & The Yawns these days.

A tad Neil Youngish i guess…


And what do you get when you mix Morrissey & Roy Orbison?

Tim Darcy


very much liking this version of Born Slippy by Underworld


Loving Liam’s new tune


Agreed, his voice is very strong again, believe his Olympia gig was excellent at the weekend.


Liam is like Dorian Gray , hasn’t aged a bit in the last 20 years .


He hasn’t aged mentally in the past 40.


I still think he has 0.5% of Noel’s talent when it comes to musicianship.


Arcade Fire in Malahide tomorrow. World’s best live act.


Who’s Eddie have broken up then?


Theres a video doing the rounds of a few young lads that met Liam outside his hotel in Dublin the day of the gig in the Olympia. He signed autographs and stood for pictures, when one of the lads tried his luck and asked for tickets saying him and his mates had none, Liam duly obliged. Worth a look its on his facebook page.Seems a down to earth chap in reality.

His form dipped up and down while in Oasis I think but he was definitely one of the best frontmen of my generation (90s kid) at times.


I don’t know if any Ressers like prog rock. I was a fan (I regarded the rise of punk as a catastrophe).
But this is very recent. It’s just been released by Sufjan Stephens and 3 others. It’s really good (honestly!) and it takes me back to the early 70’s.


Like most right thinking people I.lost interest in Oasis after the first two albums so I wouldn’t necessarily class myself as a fan but for my money Liam is the best rock voice of his generation.




The name Klaatu was vaguely familiar, so I had to listen to them on Spotify., Immediately recognised their big hit ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’. Some similarities there all right…