Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


John Farrow directed or produced tarzan


Paul Gazellecoigne?


You’re getting warmer. :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


Sinatra ???


Johnny Weissmuller …


Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner !

(Man, you IS old !)

Mia & Prudence’s Ma was the actress Maureen O’Sullivan. She played Jane to Johnny Weismueller’s Tarzan, back in the day. When they were kids, the girls were sometimes used on the show.

Douze points to Pastit fer gettin’ the Tarzan clues. :clap: :clap: :clap:


lol - sure look at me Charles Atlas reference elsewhere …


Ah the Irish connection…


Fair play to her for putting the glamour behind her and rolling her sleeves up down in the Nth East Inner city …


Jeez that map of Ireland is an old one!


‘Big hefty langer on him, she noticed’.


You’d miss the slow sets for the bit of frottage all the same.


The desire for road frotagge is what has this country ruined I tells ya. Ruined !


The way she might look at you, thinking ‘what the ■■■■ is this guy on?’.


At one stage the drought was so bad I considered spiking my own drinks…


I can relate.


…with alcohol?


Rubbing alcohol? :zipper_mouth_face:


In fairness it was a daring thing to do at the Primary School leaving disco.


A lot of people might not know this track, as it was not commerically successful on this side of the Atlantic. I discovered it as it used to be lauded by Dave Lee Travis on BBC Radio 1 way back in the day, before his fall from grace.