Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


No no no …no :nauseated_face:


Th bucket is over in the corner in case you miss! Thats the wonderful thing about music. Theres something for everyone. Now wheres me Bay city rollers greatest hits link?



Funny thing with music, made a playlist for the kids going town to cork. Had this on it and they loved it… I loved it as kid as well…


Great pick @Unbelievable - always reminds me of Sunday afternoons - MT USA and the late Vincent Hanley.


Some things shouldn’t be touched , though Siouxsie & the Banshees did a good cover here


Brilliant choice @beeko - the album, A Secret Wish, would be in my all time top ten (not counting compilations / greatest hits). Every track is brilliant.

Suzanne Freytag was an absolute babe! :heart_eyes:



Quick quiz question - no ‘googling’ - who was Prudence?


I had to use the google machine :joy: .
Mia Farrow’s sis


But who was her “Da” ?

No Googling.

Clue: Don’t be a cheetah


She teamed up with Michael Ball to launch a stunning range of paints.


Always loved that tune, that guitar sound, the vocals. And Mrs Robin of course…


Cat Stevens?




Who’s da, Mia’s sis?


Both of them. But note the inverted commas in “Da”.

No monkeyin’ about now :monkey:. (Another clue. :wink:)


I think Mias dad is a movie director but no idea what his name is…


Sir N.Getti?


Next clue. (No direct GN’R connection though.)