Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Focus at the Rainbow is worth a listen …


Keeping on the orchestral theme.


Were they big in the '70s ?
I only found them because of that ad .



If you click the link it tells you about Focus too.


But if you want a true obscure band in the north/west European style from the era, for me it has to be these:

(Warning - this song and video will either make you throw up or burst yourself laughing):


I don’t even drink West Coast Cooler but if I did…


Great tune.




Great song but using it in fucking Bridesmaids nearly ruined it for me :confounded:



Apologies Unbelievable, I always thought you were a man. :wink:


It was one of those facking rom coms i was forced to watch ( secretly loved it :joy:)


Native New Yorker
Because Tonight
Davy’s on the Road Again
Ca Plane Pour Moi
Lets All Chant
Talking In Your Sleep
Instant Replay
Run for Home


Native New Yorker - Odyssey
Because Tonight - Patti Smith
Emotions - Bee gees?
Davy’s on the Road Again -
Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic bertrand
Lets All Chant - I just remember the pat sharp version but i know it’s not the original
Talking In Your Sleep - Crystal Gayle?
Instant Replay
Run for Home - Lindisfarne


All good bar Emotions - written by them alight


I think they have a version on the greatest hits, that’s what I’m thinking of


Samantha …


Nope, got nuthin’ :slight_smile: