Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Always thought Adagio for strings was several hundred years old . Love it .


He’s some composer, that Adagio chap.


BEEKO your my hero. Morricone all day long.

John Murphy - Sunshine, very underrated film and soundtrack


Love MOS, got a cassette of an album he did in the late 80s, brilliant.

As for Adagio, ya can’t be advertising alcoholic drink on here Beeks. :policewoman:




Likewise, a late convert admittedly.


Some great Christmas Choral stuff, too.


Loved the music from The Matrix


You got me again, love that piece.

One of my great guilty pleasures was this:


Great pick Al. And while we’re at it,

“You see that’s what Bill Carson told me. It’s in the grave marked ‘Unknown’, beside Arch Stanton!” :sunglasses:


Jill McBain delivers the mother of all smackdowns to Arch Stanton. You go girl !


The beautiful Claudia cardinale. Once upon in the West lads you got hear it live.


Brilliant piece by moriconne, a not so well known stuff, the thing, dark as ■■■■


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… In hundreds of years’ time (if planet Earth still exists) Morricone will be compared (favourably) with all of the great classical composers from down the ages.


Will be? Just as good as them IMO. Have to say when I saw him at Kilmahiham Hospital, tears came to my eyes when he played On Earth as it is Heaven. Hair tingling stuff.


His smoked cod always did it for me


Obscure excellent choon ! Unreal instrumental.

And used in this nike commercial slowed down


Famous tune actually! The guitarist with that band went on to be a great solo artist, amongst other things. May have played with some other famous bands/musicians at various stages.


I hope you got the small crispy bits of batter with it.