Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Swords of a Thousand Men
Tenpole Tudor


68 Guns
Big Country-ish??

My Favourite Waste Of Time
Owen Paul?

Pearl In The Shell
Howard Jones?


Couple of good live versions of it on YouTube. Video killed the radio star that is.


68 Guns - The Alarm


Have you seen the Two Tribes live version?



C4 used two tribes when they had American football back in the 80s to soundtrack the weekly round up.


very good.


All correct, except for 68 Guns, which @Harrys_Tiles got. :sunglasses:


Love Wars
Rhythm is a dancer
Ride on Time
Axel F
Turning Japanese
Joan of Arc
You to me are everything
Everything I own (Early 70S)
Everything must change


Some very good ones there! Owen Paul … I dunno how these things stay in the back of you head. If I could remember as well at school I’d be a doctor now!!!


Forgot Trevor horn was involved in both of those songs.


Love Wars - Womack & Womack
Solid Ashford & Simpson
Rhythm is a dancer - SNAP (90’s?)
Ride on Time - Black Box (steady!)
Axel F Harold Faltemeyer
Turning Japanese - the Vapors
Joan of Arc - OMD
You to me are everything - The Real thing?
Everything I own (Early 70S) - The reggae one was Ken something but the original is Bread i think
Everything must change - Paul (no longer ) Young


Very good HS … I often think of them in groups - one leads to another!

Ken Boothe!


The Alarm were a poor man’s Big Country.


Yeah Mike Peters was no Stuart Adamson!


Tenpole went on to host the Crystal Maze!


“Joan of Arc” was also the title of a Leonard Cohen song, beautifully duetted with Jennifer Warnes…


Jennifer Warnes … had another hit duet with who and what?


Joe Cocker…
Up where we belong…
Bill Medley…
The Time of my Life.

One of my all-time favourite singers, she is.


Love the first line
“Well I had some time with my wife”