Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


The models’ bras are the only cups on the way to Mayo.



I was listening to Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” again today, what a tune that is, from the slidey guitar+heart-beat bass building, to the drums crashing in, the incredible vocal of course, and later on the strings Arabic-like in the instrumental break. One of the most beautiful heart-splitting things I’ve ever heard


This lad won a Grammy the other night for best country album . This is a real chilled out country version of In Bloom by Nirvana , worth a listen :metal::metal:


That was just one great track off an amazing album . All killer , no filler !


Been a Sturgeon fan since the first 2 albums, saw him in Whelans, brilliant, Latvian lead guitarist, rocked+understatedly superb on old battered yoke. Last album was a bit of a dud. Go see them live


I never went to A/The Riverdance Show, despite its unprecedented success at home and overseas. I do believe, however, that this tune was from the stage show.
I like Davy Spillane. I like Uilleann Pipes. I am biased in what I say here… I think this tune is up there with anything Morricone has composed, albeit they’re totally different backgrounds. I just love the arrangement of strings accompanying Spillane’s piping.


An absolute quality tune. I love the uileann pipes as an instrument. There’s no mistaking it’s Irishness in the way it sounds and the images it evokes. What a brilliant musician. As too is O Floinn. I had the pleasure of seeing him with Planxty and he is exceptional.


Great tune Beeko, and I agree about the pipes, I remember the first time I heard a Moving Hearts Tune, Lake of Shadows, it changed my understanding of ‘trad music’ forever. Davy Spillane individual tunes followed not long after that, and then came my introduction to Planxty, with still one of my all-time favourite pieces, the “Tabhair Dom do Lamh” part of Raggle Taggle Gypsy.


O’Floinn is probably a bit more old school, but nonetheless a brilliant piper. Both O’Floinn and Spillane are largely influenced by Seamus Ennis. I would love to have seen O’Floinn with Planxty though I did get to see Spillane solo and with Moving Hearts.
There’s a great piper based in West Kerry called Eoin Duignan. Brilliant on the Low Whistle too, as is Spillane.
Spillane is still recording stuff with one branch of the fractured Afro-Celt Sound System.


Only recently downloaded this onto my phone. A great song. Dublin was a different place back then but a lot of the underlying problems from that era still affect Dublin today (All-Ireland wins apart!!!).
Aslan really should have been a global success, alas.


Do you play them Beeko?


I wish.

Lots of coordination involved… fingers, both elbows, thigh, inside of wrist on one hand. I reckon they’re harder to play than the bagpipes, and they give off a much better sound, in my humble opinion.


I agree fully. I used to play them and still own a half set, just don’t really have time for them now with a young family etc, but my intention is to get the reeds fixed up someday soon and give them a whirl, see how much I’ve forgotten!!


Fair play to you.


Absolutely. No comparison between the sounds. I could listen to the uileann pipes for hours. 10 seconds of the bagpipes and I’m looking for the exit.


Bodhrans :rage:


Big Mark Hollis fan, wealth from spirit of Eden used in this clip from an old Italian film the Bicyle thieves. Would love to see Hollis play again, a man simply ahead of his time.




Would it be very vain of me to put my own EP in here??? :joy::wink: