Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Yes the whole Sticky Fingers album is brilliant. Sway and Sister Morphine are also standouts


Great track Harry and a great album. Wasn’t aware of the Jools connection either!!!

Now was it @beeko who mentioned the greatest ever country track?


Best country song ever? Not even a competition …


Ah Jebus, one of the Da’s favourites!


And my own Dad, May He Rest In Peace. He used to love putting on the old tapes on a Sunday morning after Mass and listening in whilst reading the Sindo (for the sport I hasten to add). Me and Bobby McGee was a brilliant album - I used to vacate the room though if it was Hank Williams he was listening to!! :nauseated_face:


The Ould Lad loved Hank too.

Used to be a pirate station TTTR in the early 80s. 24 hours a day C & W.

Not my cup of tea, but when it’s on constantly from breakfast to dinner time, some of those tunes stay with you forever.


Ahhhhh Rufus, Hank is pure genius. You need to get over that there phobia ol pardner. It’s not marmite.


Big Tom singing Four Country Roads or Daddy’s Girl … frightening stuff.


TTTR (trebleTR) there’s a radio station that gives me nightmares. They used to broadcast from a disused Cinema beside where I grew up in the 70s and 80s. It’s sound was everywhere. Turn on the radio - any station - we got TTTR. Same with the TV. All the neighbours were constantly complaining the the Dept of Post and Telegraphs to get it shut down. Country and Western music and old Irish Ballads get on your nerves if you are subjected to them over a period of time. Believe me I know!!


So what you’re saying is The Doggone TTTR Took Ma Cinema, ma Radio, ma TV, an’ ma Dog Away?


The Apollo cinema in Walkinstown?


I like Morrissey’s music & The Smith’s , him as a person , not so much .


The more silly things that he does and says, the more I realise that I could probably forgive him anything…


Since that prick was voted in as President of the U S of A it’s really casting a bad light light over actors & musicians I liked . I’d rather not have known their political thoughts . It’s getting harder to separate the two these days…


Name that bass player…


Martin Kemp ?




Mike Oldfield ?




Elvis Costello? Joe Strummer? Jaysus he’s hardly seen in that vid!
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