Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Bang on the ear is great too !


Seriously though, “greatest country song ever”? There’s a clear winner: John Denver, Country Roads, that’s as good as it gets. Rocky Mountain High is up there too.

Meanwhile back in this part of the world:


Personal favourite of mine


There’s a great video of JD playing at Siamsa Cois Laoi in Pairc Ui Chaoimh in 1986, high quality audio. It’s also great because there’s numerous shots of the crowd, showing how different the styles and look of people were back then. Or maybe that was just Cawrk…

Of course in context, the significance of a JD concert in the religious/Christian milieu of the time in Ireland was something that was very much of it’s time, and soon after about to change massively.
It’s hard to believe it’s only 30 years since the whole “moving statues” era.





Good shout Rufus, love that tight, punky, electronic sound of the early 80s. It’s funny, think that’s one of the few if any times I’ve seen an image of Robert Smith prior to the goth look.


The Cure were a great band .Not everyone’s cup of tea . But I find their music very emotional , if that’s a way of describing them . You have to be in a certain mood to listen to them . They were dark yet had some catchy tunes.But any band that can incorporate a comb as an instrument is a plus in my book :laughing:



I was in a Robert Smith tribute band called prevention, some said we were even better than the cure!


This is my favourite country / Americana tune


Never, ever tire of hearing this

or this

Bring a tear to a glass eye


Excellent stuff! I had posted the dream academy’s version of please please please earlier in the thread. I had a real thing for Kate St. John a real looker. Great stuff!


That second one is one of the best one-hit wonders of any era.

Not quite as good but still a very fine effort:


Galway hammered Cork in the 1985 All-Ireland semi final, played in a deluge in Croker. I remember hearing something of a conversation between two Cork fans in the aftermath…
“God, they were terrible today, some of them like statues”.
“They were worse than that, some of them weren’t even moving.”


I love that bluegrass sound… Violin, banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar… Jack White did some lovely stuff for the soundtrack to Cold Mountain.

My comment re Labelled With Love being the best country song ever was somewhat flippant. Squeeze were (obviously) not a country band but had a great country song.

Another country favourite of mine would be Sonny as performed by Marylou Harris, Mary Black and Dolores Keane on the Bringing it All Back Home album.


John Denver, country?


John Denver is to country music, what Mayo are to All Ireland winners.

Close, but no cigar. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Great shout on This Is The Sea btw. :clap: )


This is one of my favourite ‘country’ songs, written and sung by fellows from an English city suburb.


Now you come to mention it, Elvis Costello’s Good Year for the Roses knocks that Squeeze song out of the prairie.

In regard to moving statues, these days the equivalent is when someone sees a journalist or commentator that says something about Dublin GAA without mentioning money or population.


Wild Horses too, til that bloody great Boyler went and ruined it. :roll_eyes: