Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Angela Merkel won’t let us …


Went to see Kevin Morby the other week.

Kinda a modern Dylan-ish sound i suppose…

His albums are nice… but i was blown away by his live set. Was unreal. Best gig of 2016 by a mile.


Caught this fella last week… for fans of John Martyn…

And for anyone who’s never heard of John Martyn:


Nice tunes Bottler, enjoyed those, up meine strasse.

Gonna go all 80s this morning, more night-time tunes these but hey-ho:

While I’m at it, anyone any tips about wireless speaker connection to laptop problems? I’ve had nothing but gip with mine, I remove the device, re-install/pair, it works for a while, then just goes off again. Don’t know why goes off, I know that sometimes the wifi connection goes off, and sometimes the lappie is running slow around update time, the issue is though if that’s why it tips the speaker off, why won’t it come back, without removing etc? And sometimes it won’t come back at all, and then a week or more later, I can get it back, presumably after updates or whatever.


Ah Jim Diamond!


He was a gem!


I was thinking there’s be no puns here… but I should have know better.


Sparkling effort sir!


When it comes to joining in I won’t let you down …


I always knew you weren’t one for undertaking.


Could be an interference or range issue man . How far away are the speakers from the laptop ? And do you have loads of devices gobbling up the broadband . You can change the frequency at which it’s set to avoid interfence sometimes , wireless channel , etc . Wireless phones and routers can sometimes be on the same channel , eg 2.4 GHz , and this can ■■■■ things up . Also could be a software issue . If its intermittent I’d say its a WiFi issue though , dropping signal , etc .


Jim Diamond track reminds me of these two tunes and a certain nightclub in the Garden county … Nostalgia



What a choon , got into them after they released that . Dark stuff at times but a great band , Spoonman was epic :slight_smile:


Some of their earlier stuff is bloody fantastic!!!


TEMPLES new tune is good :

Portugal. The Man’s new offering pretty cool also :

Blossoms have a few nice harmless 90’s kickback tunes…


By far my favourite North American band of the 90s.
Got to see Chris Cornell last year unbelievable voice and what a catalogue of work.



MAY O,s reward for reaching another AI Afinal😉


Lovely story. London back then must have been fantastic for live gigs in small venues