Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Now , that’s a tune ! I’ll add it to my playlist tomorrow night :laughing:


I like Zero 7 nice chill out shit while working. Came across this live version, pretty impressive.


Prefab Sprout were only marvellous.
My favourite single from them was Johnny

Joe Jackson? Be My Number 2

Love the merging of sax into violin right at the death.


Good shout.


One of the great song lyrics from the 80"s - hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque! :sunglasses:


It reminded me of how Lennon/McCartney wrote A Day In The Life. Just random headlines in a newspaper .That line , just completely random words thrown together , with two rhyming . Yet it works perfectly !


I always thought as kid that this line/lyric was 'Hot-dog, jumping frog, I want cookie"


Probably would have made more sence !
Maybe it should be "hot dog , fat frog , I want a cookie " :laughing:


Absolutely LOVE Jools’ piano on this…


De De.
A gift grub classic.


This has to be my favorite Joe Jackson song.


While I wasn’t a huge fan of these boys, I really love this song. Just one of those songs that set off memories in school during the 80’s.


First gig I ever went to, Olympic Ballroom 86




I liked them and also the ‘breakaway’ band The Beautiful South. I have a cd with the best of both bands on it.


Great track, always had a wee laugh at their excuse when they broke up…

“The Beautiful South have split up due to musical similarities. The band would like to thank everyone for their 19 wonderful years in music.”


Ok I’ll admit I am a Moby fan. don’t judge me to harshly. But this singer Diane Charlemagne RIP was the singer on 18 and subsequent live tours. She had a powerful set of pipes. She was the singer on Urban Cookie Collective - that song was everywhere in my leaving cert year in 93. Sad to see she passed away in in 2015 of breast cancer.


Huge fan - even went to Teany many moons ago and saw Herman Melville’s relative in the Point!!



Bring sally up bring sally down, I do be cursing the little baldy ■■■■ when we are doing the sally ups in the gym. Move and In My Heart. on my favourite all time list. damn I danced hard to Move in Lansdowne Street, Boston in 97. Mental.


Probably a very technical musician - like Ronaldo as a footballer - but really good and innovative, toyed with genres rather than typecasting himself - e.g. Natural Blues