Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


And on that bombshell…





Great shout … also



Have posted this before and probably will again. An absolute masterclass of music, lyrics and performance. One of the all time great songs and even more so given the actual subject matter. I would have this played at my funeral except I’m gonna be cremated and it’s too long at 9’ 26 …


Golden Earring - Radar Love
This is a guilty pleasure.
I bought an album of theirs years ago and it was full of very ordinary meat and two veg rock…but this track alone almost made it worth it.


Tickets bought for July, it’s a Saturday night gig too which is always a help!


Supported by the lightning seeds, should be a good gig to go to. Always liked this track.


Top tune but can never forgive the Light Seeds for that song that British TV played to oblivion for years. Round the same time as that even more annoying song by Chumbafuckingwumba also got cremated and buried by Brit media


What’s a good Echo and the Bunnymen album?


Should be a good gig. Like this tune:


80’s madness… stonewashed f*cking jeans. what where we all thinking?


You can’t go wrong with the Songs to learn and sing compilation by way of introduction…


That we were cool as ■■■■.*

*I never wore stonewashed jeans.




My favourite Joe Jackson number


Anyone else like these? I found the vinyl copy of Steve McQueen I bought back in 1985, I didn’t really like it then but I’ve changed my mind. The singer Paddy McAloon is an interesting character, he spent a while in a seminary training to be a priest. The band are from Durham, for some reason I always thought they were Scottish.


Always liked them. Interesting band. Cars and girls is nice. Good breezy tunes with good lyrics


Always like to hear the king of Rock N Roll come on. But love breaks down is a great track. Brilliant.