Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Thanks for that.

Will call in next time in I’m in the capital.

I do love the vinyl!


Love that movie!


If you do please give me a shout on here. I’m not an expert by any means but I’ve learnt a bit and made some mistakes so I can at least steer you clear from the crap stuff.


Still using a Pioneer that was bought in the 80’s.

Only thing I’ve ever had to do with is replace the stylus a few times.


Think I have a JVC in the attic! With a Hitachi tape deck … :smile:


Where mine was for years, along with the vinyls.

Thankfully never had the heart to bin them.


Nearly flogged mine a few years ago … until he started laughing at my Rosemary Clooney 78s …


Deffo saw Cry Before Dawn at Midnight at the Olympia.
Also saw Billy Bragg the Friday after Thatcher got shafted…

“I was 21 years when she was elected, I’m 32 now that she’s been rejected,
Eleven and a half years have taken their toll, I still ain’t gonna pay my Poll (Tax)”.


Saw grant lee buffalo and the replacements at midnight at the Olympia. I actually went to see those bands( as well as for the late night gargle) . God knows what the bands thought of the pissed up crowd ( although the replacements were as wasted as the crowd on that occasion).


Fair play to yiz for remembering who you seen at midnight at the Olympia.

Was at plenty of gigs there but haven’t a clue who was or what was on the stage.


More to do with the Arthur Scarghill than with time since?


Used to do security in the Olympia back in the day (20 years ago or more) and I used to hate the midnight gigs and the Pogues gigs. Mayhem and pissheads galore. You wouldn’t have enough money wouldn’t pay me to do it these days!


Definitely the gargle

I’m only a chisler and was one of the few places they let me into for a late drink.


Well this is weird :upside_down_face:


Fleetwood Mac went pear shaped when Peter Green left a few years ago …1971 to be precise!


No idea what Neil Finn is thinking. Unless it’s just a gig for the money. He absolutely doesn’t need them.


Maybe it’s just because he can…


Not exactly a like-for-like replacement, either. A great, multi-instrumentalist, he still isn’t the guitarist that Buckingham is. Different type of voice, also.

I was watching a 2006 concert by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on Saturday on Sky Arts - they did a version of Oh Well and didn’t do a half-bad version of it.

You have a strong point, but Pete Green or no Pete Green, Rumours is still one of the best rock albums ever made, in my opinion.


I remember Jeremy Clarkson on TV clutching a copy of it saying it was his favourite album. I went off it a bit after that!


You’ve just ruined it for me, and all…