Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Did you know bananarama recorded young at heart originally. Bobby bluebell co wrote it with Siobhan from bananarama as they were going out together for a while.



Interesting fact!



In my top 5 singers from that era and that genre. (Levi Stubbs)



Weren’t they all called Christian except the one called Priestman -
kinda like Frank Beard in ZZ Top not having a beard…


His name was actually Christian-Priestman. Not sure of the parentage though


At least three of The Christian’s albums are on sale second hand in Spindizzy records if you’re into the vinyl. Good place for browsing and the staff are pleasant which is an unusual bonus.


Love this scene :slight_smile:


Great pick Al.

The Christians’ first album was an absolutely brilliant record.


Garry Christian was the bald guy - I used to think he was related to your namesake Hari Krishna.

I saw them on Midnight at the Olympia years ago - they were excellent. This is another good 'un …


There’s a blast from the past
Used to go to that all the time

Think the best gig I saw there was The Bhundu Boys, incredible energy

Found this article about them the other day funnily enough


Used to go to that gig a lot. Cry Before Dawn, Paul Young were others. I think we actually met the Christians outside?? Those nights are not the clearest memories …


Cheers. I gave my turntable to my nephew a year or so ago but plan on getting another sometime.


Where is Spindizzy Records?


Indeed Rufus. They were at the time as Willy Wonka might have said, shining like a good deed in a weary world. Funnily enough at the time they would have been considered fairly uncool, and a guilty pleasure. As were these guys:



I saw Midnight Oil there in the early 90s. After hearing the Beds Are Burning single, I got the Diesel and Dust album. From there I worked my way through their back catalogue. Excellent band live too!


It’s in the arcade off George’s St. I’m back on the vinyl trail and I find it’s the best place in Dublin for second hand records. And they don’t sneer at your choices- at least not openly!