Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


So just the one beer then? :laughing:


Eh , one fell into two & so on :laughing: I try to dedicate one night a week to listening to tunes !
It’s only about 1am to me :wink:





Recordings from live shows in America like Letterman etc are often the best quality live recordings of groups/musicians. And Later with Jools of course.


That’s the one thing Al about the TOTP repeats - the episodes with Sir James and with DLT are not shown. I’d love it if there was some way they could simply show the music from these shows and edit out the offending items.

The lip synching and canned applause was always a given for me, even back in the day.


Old Grey Whistle Test and German TV live recordings of concerts are the best from those eras, along with American chat show recordings. There’s a German recording of The Dubliners Luke doing Town I Loved so Well, class quality for its time.


I’m sure if you will send them a postcard, Jim’ll Fix It for you.


Are you a fan? Have all their albums. Some poor songs, but some absolute quality tunes


Yeah , thought they brilliant when they came out . Had the Throwing Copper album . Think I gave up on them after that but yer man had a wonderful , soulful voice . I Alone was another belter !


I first heard them over in Australia from a bird I met. I borrowed the throwing copper album from her and listened to it on loop for weeks, every song quality.
A few months later when I was back home I was playing golf with a friend of mine and I was singing one of the songs and asked was I singing a ‘Live’ song. Turns out he was mad into them and had all their albums. So he made copies of them all for me. Throwing Copper is defo the best, but some great songs on the others too


I did, brilliant, they’re a real forgotten band -
they’re work is due a critical reappraisal I’d say


Is that a rubber bullet in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?


Ahhh, I was looking forward to see what you had to say


Better known for their Young at Heart hit, I always preferred this song…


I said it, above, just not to you lover.


This is spectacular , isolated vocals with no backing music . What a voice !


For any Christy DIgnam fans there’s a pod out with him & Eamon Dunphy


For me, he was the greatest. And I think if Tammi Terrell hadn’t died so young, his life would have ended up better. He never got over it, and drugs etc led him down the road that in a twisted route ended up with his deadly dispute with his dad. He was never that type of person from what I’ve read, he was a gentle and spiritual person by all accounts and I think TT was probably his one true other half.

He couldn’t cope with that and then the world of fame on top of it.