Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


A personal favourite from August 1981.


On a related theme -
We did a thing here yeeeeears ago, the most 80’s video of all time, this was my suggestion…


Good shout. But 80s was such a Decade of the video you could pick a hundred. Genesis In Too Deep is one that I’d call completely 80s. A few Talking Heads vids, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel…


I didn’t think in my youth that I would be an old man sitting in my kitchen asking Alexa to spin me my favourite tunes by just talking to her. So far In the Ghetto (or Loreto as I telll the daughter) by Elvis, Black, Chris Isaacs, Angie by the Stones, Stay/Load Out by JB …


Had almost forgotten about Beck . Think his new video is out tonight, unfortunately only on itunes , directed by Edgar Wright ( Shawn of the Dead )
Looks class & the song is catchy

Here’s the original



Would love to do Angie (settle pervs!) in a quiet karaoke with a few friends about 3am some night. The mood would have to be just right.



Sampled by Sound Crowd in their remix of Shining Path’s Change It.


Listening to Welcome to the Pleasure Dome by FGTH … some album. Most of the covers are better than the originals!

You’ll never listen to Springsteen’s boring Born to Run again after this … :open_mouth:


Ehhh not on this occasion…


Always like this




I’m not wrong …


Tracks of My Tears always used to be my favourite of his/theirs. Til I discovered it wasn’t about going out on the tear.
Now Second That Emotion has taken over. Though I used to think it was I Second That In Motion, like a vote… :flushed:


Your not right either though. Frankie s attempt is a brave one. Odd that they apparently did nt play at all on the album yet the live version of born to run indicates their decent musicians.


Hands up

I was wrong

This is the most 80’s song ever

Worth sticking with til 2 mins 20 for his synth solo mime dance


You’re addicted to TOTP on BBC4?


The highlight of my week.


I’d be quite sure Harry’s addiction is nothing to mine. All TOTP are recorded (currently 1982 and 1985) and when I get the chance will watch them with the Guinness Book of Top 40 Charts in my lap!!

Anoraks-R-Us! :sunglasses:

@Harrys_Tiles - other guilty pleasures of mine would be 10CC - did you see the BBC4 documentary on them recently? Absolutely brilliant!!