Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Yeh outrageous stuff, the guy was an alien!




Nice, one of if not the greatest female artists of all time. The kick inside is a fantastic album, the female David Bowie as one of my good mates call her.


So this is a modern cover of a Swedish version of the song The Parting Glass

The old lad they keep showing sang the ‘original’ Swedish version.


Mercury Rev “The Dark is Rising”

great song, not sure about the video though


McAlmott & Butler “yes”

although the extended version is even better


Speaking of extended songs, this is an all time classic …


I was at 2010 all stars awards , they finished the televised section with that song. I always remember Micheal Lyster saying , yes tonight is going to be a good night.
A few hours later let’s just say he was true to his words :grin:


Oh yeehhhh??


You may know the song from the to show toast of London, but the video is very good if a bit sad


All you folkies out there ( @25AliveOh) …

Kate Rusby has a new album out, a bit less acoustic than normal but some really nice sounding tracks…


Love it! Any gigs?


NCH Dublin on the 1st November. Tickets between €24.75 - €27.50 and available.


Great, thanks



Guns N Roses rumoured to be playing Croke Park next July…must start growing the hair again :sunglasses:


Was at the last gig in the Point a good few years ago with Axels version , complete nightmare but I stayed on til he came out , jayus think it was around 1 or 2 before we got out :grimacing:



Gotta bring an electronic view to things here, any Electronic Dubs going to Kraftwerk next year??? Can’t wait.