Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Ah Guns N Roses, done great job on this track. The best Bond song of all time, from the best bond film of all time with the best bond of all time. There I said it.


Best Bond song of all time?

Dame Shirley requests that you have a good, long, hard look at yourself.


And Sir Tom kindly requests you to piss off.


Clayhil done a great version of one of my favourite tracks. Featured on This is England. RIP G. Clark.



Haven’t heard that cover before that is quite excellent, thanks!


The late Colin Vearncombe …


Brilliant track. Motorcycle accident in Cork?


Ok guilty pleasure on this one.


I think It was a car crash - but yeah in Cork. RIP.


Higher and higher!! Excellent. Lead singer funny looking bloke but great voice


Their album from the early 80s “Penthouse & Pavement”, still sounds good today.


Guilty P, really? Never! Classic 80s that, and pure cool. There’s a great fairly recent live version from Later With Jools but it’s been taken off youtube.


Wonder what inspired that choice :wink:


Indeed. And the performance of Ms Carol Kenyon on TOTP had the Sixth Years in a frenzy down in the common room at St Pat’s in Armagh - myself included!! :heart_eyes:

I have a notion that performance might have been the one thousandth edition of TOTP.


The KLF. Nuts and down right Bizarre. Brings me back to the late 80’s. The Stadium House Trilogy.


All bound for Mu Mu Land.

“They’re justified & they’re ancient

& they drive an ice cream van”

What lyrics. Shakespeare must have done some rolling in his grave.


This is a brilliant read from Bill Drummond…


Cheers I’ll check to see if I can procure a ‘free’ version of it for me kindle app. Drummond would approve of this method. :joy:


Make mine a 99